Elka S.A


Trust, Innovation, Quality


Production Unit.

One of the most advanced and up to date pastry factories in the Balkans.


Our Products

In our factory we produce croissants under the brands Belino, Daily and Replay.

Distribution Network.blue

An integrated distribution network which offers excellent quality services to our partners & customers.


ELKA S.A. is operating in Balkans since 1993. Having as initial purpose the import and exclusive distribution of famous brands with Greek and International Presence, soon the company developed its own consumer goods, which easily gained important market share in the Balkan markets.

In 2007, the company proceeded to an significant investment. ELKA S.A. acquired a pastry factory, which until then belonged to ION S.A., as well as the brand of the croissant Belino. Afterwards, the company increased its product portfolio with more SKUs of the brand Belino as well as of the 2 new brands.

Our target is to provide our customers with the highest quality products, which are being produced in one of the most advanced pastry factories in the Balkans, under strict specifications and certified quality.

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